Mommy – More than just a name


Being a mom means lots of different things. As a mom you are responsible for other beings. You have someone else to take care of, provide for, teach about life, and protect. We are the ones who give hugs and cuddles, wipe away tears and give words of encouragement. We are housekeepers and cooks, ensuring toys are picked up and supper is on the table. We double as the household doctor/nurse, administering medicine and diagnosing symptoms. We work hard to keep everyone happy and healthy. We play referee between siblings and ensure rules are being followed and behaviours are in check. We act as judges to determine which version of the story is accurate, and who deserves what punishment and for how long. We are teachers, who inspire a love for reading and explain just what everything is, what it does and why it does it. We answer questions and must explain things so anyone can understand. We are goofs, we do everything and anything to get our little one smiling and laughing, regardless of how silly it makes us look. Nothing is out of bounds, from funny noises to faces to doing a not-so-cool dance. We manage meltdowns and and find ways to bring peace. We constantly try to tackle every and any potential problem that may come our way, being prepared with enough diapers, wipes and snacks every where we go. We multitask constantly trying to ensure that everything is fine, done and working efficiently. We take on the role of chauffeur getting our little ones where they need to be, whether it be hockey practice, swimming lessons or dance class. Mommies are also professional cheerleaders, giving praise and encouragement to our children so they have the confidence to try something new or do their best. As moms we take it all in stride. We have a long and extensive list of duties that we must do each and every day. Depending on our child, that list can change, causing us to understand the importance of a flexible attitude. The work of a mom is rarely glorified or truly acknowledged. But as moms we know that Mommy isn’t just a name, it’s a title. One that we can be proud of. At times the job can be overwhelming and downright demanding, but the payoff of a happy, healthy family is well worth the chaos.

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