No Excuses, 20 Minute Body Weight Workout


With this workout you have no excuses! It is short, requires no equipment and can literally be done anywhere!
This workout is done in 20 minutes without equipment (you could add weights if you want more of a challenge).


Set a timer for 20 minutes and see how many times you can repeat the circuit before time runs out. Keep track of how many times you complete the circuit so next time you do this workout you can compete with yourself and try to squeeze in an extra one. If your looking for more of a challenge add weights to some of the exercises like the squats and lunges. 

– 5 reps push ups (try a standard push up but move down to your knees if you need to)

– 10 reps sit ups (remember feet flat on the floor! Use the core muscles and not your momentum)

– 15 reps squats

– 20 reps (10 on each leg) of walking lunges

– 30 reps jumping jacks

Now quit with those excuses and get moving!


Always remember to check with your doctor before beginning a workout program. Words of a mom takes no responsibility for any injuries associated with this workout.

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