45 Ideas for a Kid Free Day

imageEver get a day to yourself and not quite know what to do? Or do you spend all you free time doing everything you need to get caught up on and nothing for yourself?  Forget those chores and take some ME time in order to recharge your batteries. Indulge in a few of the ideas below to help unwind and relax. Remember all that laundry, those dishes and all the things on your “to do” list can wait. Plus you will be a better person because of it! Enjoy!

1. Spa day
2. Paint your nails
3. Read a book
4. Go for a run
5. Buy a new outfit
6. Coffee with friends
7. Take a soothing bath
8. Do yoga
9. Scrapbook
10. Make a craft
11. Call friends or family and talk
12. Sit and enjoy the silence
13. Go out to eat
14. Go to the movies
15. Hit the gym
16. Buy some magazines and read them
17. Window shop
18. Get a hair cut
19. Get a message
20. Take a nap
21. Go for a make over
22. Soak up the sun
23. Listen to music
24. Watch your favourite show
25. Catch up on social media
26. Meditate
27. Get an adult colouring book
28. Do a crossword
29. Have a glass of wine
30. Brew some green tea
31. Take a stroll
32. Journal
33. Eat some chocolate
34. Pick out some new shoes
35. Learn something new
36. Add new music to your playlist
37. Go for a drive
38. Dance
39. Hop on a bike
40. Try a new recipe
41. Put your feet up
42. Meditate
43. Take your husband on a date
44. People watch
45. Meditate

We hope you find some care free, self care ideas from this list! Fell free to let us know what your favourite kid-free activities are! We can’t wait to hear them!


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