35 Activities to Entertain Kids on a Sick-day


Are your kids home from daycare or sdchool because they are sick? While they are aren’t napping, they are likely to need something to do. Here are some ways to have fun with your kids, even when they aren’t feeling their best!

1. Colouring
2. Watch a movie and cuddle
3. Read books
4. Build Lego
5. Use play dough (here is a recipe to make your own)
6. Draw pictures
7. Take a bath
8. Build puzzles
9. Have a picnic (inside or outside)
10. Play hide and seek
11. Look through old photos
12. Play a match game
13. Use musical instruments to make songs
14. Race cars, trains or any toys that will roll, across the floor
15. Build a fort
16. Tell stories
17. Paint a picture
18. Phone a loved one
19. Bake something
20. Play “I Spy”
21. Flash cards
22. Dress up
23. Do an activity book
24. Play doctor
25. Fold laundry
26. Scavenger hunt
27. Play with pets
28. Make Popsicles
29. Have a tea party
30. Put on a puppet show
31. Play with magnets (letters, shapes, etc)
32. Sing a song
33. Play charades
34. Pretend
35. Play catch

The activities you pick will vary depending on your child’s illness, mood and energy levels. Try to keep things simple and change activities often so they don’t become bored!

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