25 Ways Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers Can Help Around the House


When you have young kids at home there is always more work to be done than there is time in the day. In order to get some extra help, look to your children. Even young children are able to help out. Giving kids a sense of responsibility and tasks that they can learn to successfully accomplish, can help increase their self-esteem. Your child will take pride in being able to things that make their mom proud and fill them with a sense of accomplishment. Plus giving your children small tasks now will build a culture of helping in your family, which will make life easier as they grow older and can take on larger tasks. Here are some possible ways to get your kids to help out…

1. Put their dishes in the sink
2. Empty the dishwasher (remember to remove all sharp or dangerous items before they help)
3. Set the table
4. Empty the dryer into a laundry basket or pass you items to fold
6. Sort and match socks
7. Put clean clothes in drawers
8. Use a cloth to clean up spills or messes
9. Wash fruit or vegetables
10. Pass you groceries or help to put them where they belong
11. Carry a light bag of groceries into the house
12. Put their shoes and jackets away
13. Pick up and put away toys
14. Dust
15. Put their dirty clothes in the laundry hamper
16. Get clothing, wipes or diapers for younger siblings
17. Pick up or take leaves
18. Sweep the floor
19. Feed pets
20. Make their bed
21. Brush their teeth
22. Get dressed
23. Help wash the car
24. Wipe the table after meal time
25. Weed the garden
26. Get items, from the fridge or cupboards, needed to make meals

Remember to only give chores to your children that are safe. The tasks you choose for your child will depend on their age, temperament and skill level. Always choose tasks that they can succeed at and give them lots of reinforcement! Kids love making their parents proud, so acknowledge how helpful they are. Your child will enjoy helping so much, eventually they will ask you if they can help, without any prompting. Now get delegating!

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