Weight Loss – Surviving the Cravings

Chocolate cake and coffee

The keystone to weight loss is proper nutrition. We have all heard about the power of a good diet or the importance of clean eating. It is true, good eating will make more weight loss progress than exercise alone. It is very easy to eat away any caloric deficit a workout may have provided you. One of the easiest ways to chow down some unnoticed calories is through snacking. We all do it, from time to time, for one reason or another. Some people struggle with snacking more than others. They are unable to say no or can’t resist the temptation of a tasty treat sitting in the cupboard. Others are a slave to their emotions, reaching for a bag of chips, or some candy when they are stressed out by their day. No matter what type of snacker you are, there are some ways to stop or slow down those cravings, which can wreck the hard work of diet and exercise in a matter of moments.


1. Get rid of it – If you are tempted by “bad for you foods” sitting in your house, get rid of them! This is the easiest way to avoid snacking. You can’t eat what is not there.cupboard-1168603-1279x846
2. Keep it out of sight – If you decide to keep junk food at home, perhaps cookies for the kids, keep it out of sight. Don’t leave them on the table or counter. Studies show that when people see food, or it is left nearby, they are more likely to eat it.Reduce the temptation by ensuring that you have healthier options, that are easy to choose and visible. fruits-1328712-1280x960
3. Choose Wisely– If you do feel like you need a snack, opt for something that is low glycemic (won’t quickly raise your blood sugar), high in protein (will keep you fuller longer) or low calorie (think veggies). Check out our list of the healthiest snack foods for some great ideas. diet-2-1323896-1279x850
4. Don’t be too strict – If you are too strict about what you eat in your daily life, or you are restricting too many calories from your diet, you are more likely to have cravings. Try to ensure that you are eating enough of the right foods and those cravings should go away.burger-1327466
5. Cheat Meal – Allow yourself a cheat meal. You don’t have to go crazy and eat out the house, but allowing yourself to have something you are wanting, once a week can be good motivation to keep you going. A cheat meal will also help you satisfy those cravings and give you something to work toward, a reward for all that clean eating. Don’t worry either, a cheat meal shouldn’t effect your weight loss goals if you are consistently eating clean and exercising!

6 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Surviving the Cravings

  1. So glad that you enjoyed the post! It is funny how simple little things can make all the difference when living a healthy lifestyle! Thanks for sharing your post! I truly enjoyed it!


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