Full Body Dumbbell Workout


Are you looking for an effective full body workout that you can do at home? This workout uses just dumbbells and can easily be done at home or the gym. You will certainly be feeling some soreness the next day! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Complete 3 sets, of 10 reps for each exercise. Do not stop between exercises, unless water is needed. Try to keep going with little stops as this will add an aerobic effect to this exercise, creating a bigger calorie burn.

10 reps Pushups

10 reps Squat & Press

10 reps Front Raise & Side Lunge

10 reps Reverse Lunge & Bicep Curl (per leg)

10 reps Plank Twist (1 rep is when you twist once to each side)

10 reps Split-Stance Kickback

10 reps Bent Over Row

10 reps Burpees

10 reps Chest Press


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