Tips for Potty Training Success

toilet-1526495-1280x1920Looking to potty train your little one? Here are a few tips to help keep you on track and see some progress!


1. Throw away the diapers – This is important for both you and your child. Have your child help you pack up their diapers and throw them out! Explain to your child that diapers are for babies and since they are a big kid they don’t need them anymore. Without diapers around you won’t be tempted to going back to old ways and your child won’t have an easy way out either. You may still opt for night time diapers or pull-ups, just don’t use them until nap or bed time.


2. Be consistent – Once you start, don’t get lazy. If you are going to potty train you need to stick with it! Keep your eyes on your child, don’t get distracted and take them to the potty often. If you start to slack off and miss cues that your child needs to use the potty, you will delay the process.


3. Praise, praise, praise – Make it a big deal when your child goes in the potty! Do a dance, sing a song, give high fives, stickers or even candy! Brag to your family and friends about your child’s successes so that they can feel special and proud of their accomplishments. Using sticker charts and other forms of positive reinforcement can make the process that much easier.


4. Make it fun– Don’t make using the potty a tearful, cry fest for your child. Make it fun. Give them a special toy to hold on the potty, sing a special song, or even read a potty book. Choose a potty with designs they find exciting or even let them pick out their own. Getting them excited about this new step is important! Don’t yell at them if they don’t get to the potty in time or if they refuse to go. This will only take away the fun and possibly regress any of the progress made.


5. Be patient – Don’t expect too much, too quick. Some kids are ready to potty train at younger ages than others. If you are seeing no improvement over 3 or 4 days, stop training and wait. Giving your child a couple of weeks or a month and then trying again may help everyone involved and lead to more success. Even if not actively training, still talk about it. Read stories about it, act it out with toys, or watch shows about it. This may help your child be more open to trying the next time around.

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