Teething – Signs and Symptoms


So your otherwise happy, smiling little angel has turned into a drooling, crying, and cranky, red cheeked monster. It’s tough when your little one isn’t feeling their best, especially since you just have to guess what will make them feel better and what is wrong.

Top 5 Signs your Child is Teething

1. Drooling – If your normally dry little one begins to have puddles of drool falling down around them or wetting their shirt, they are probably cutting some new little chompers. Try placing a bib over their shirt so that they aren’t always wet.

2. Red Cheeks – When your child’s cheeks turn bright red or look more flushed than normal, this can be a sign of teething. The cheeks of children can also become warm to the touch HOWEVER do not ignore the signs of a potential fever which could be causing those rosy red cheeks. If you are concerned about their temperature don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

3. Biting -If they are biting you, their siblings, toys or the furniture it is likely teeth are on the way. Biting helps to relieve some of the pain, so kids start to chomp down on everything in sight. Give them a teething ring, a cold wash cloth, or something they can bite into and get some relief.

4. Putting Fingers in their Mouth – Kids put everything in their mouths but if they keep putting their fingers in their mouths it may be time to inspect their gums for signs a tooth is popping out.

5. Trouble Sleeping – If your little darling is normally a great sleeper but now is having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep this can definitely be a sign of teething. Try your best to provide them with comfort and know that this sleep disruption is only temporary. If your little one is in extreme discomfort and unable to sleep, check out other options for pain relief, so they can get some sleep too.

Depending on the number and severity of symptoms it can be difficult to distinguish if your little one is having an off day or welcoming the arrival of some new little teeth. Use your judgement and try your best best to manage their symptoms and provide comfort. Teething can turn a household upside down, but remember it is just temporary.

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