Top 5 Worst “Health” Foods

Marketers love selling items as “healthy”. They put claims on foods like low fat, no added sugars, high protein, low carb, etc. They are all gimmicks to help convince you to purchase their products over others. Here is a list of the top 5 worst “Health” food offenders.


1. Yogurt – Many people view yogurt as a health food. There are so many flavours and varieties. Some are filled with probiotics, while others are high protein. Yogurt can be a health food, but the majority of yogurts available on the market today are more like a dessert than a healthy snack. In order to make yogurt more appealing, companies have pumped them full of sugars. Be careful when selecting yogurt. Those that claim to be fat free often have excess sugar in them to make them taste better. When looking for a yogurt, aim for one with less than 10g of sugar per serving. Your best option would be a plain Greek yogurt, that you can sweeten yourself with some fruit.

2. Granola bars – There are a huge variety of granola bars available on the market today. Some have nuts, others are high fiver or high protein. You should stay away from these things at all costs. Despite their “healthy” claim, they are generally filled with sugar and some are just glorified chocolate bars. If you are looking snack options check out our post on healthy snack foods. All of these are healthy and some are even quick, on-the-go type options.

3. Juice – We have all heard of the juicing health craze. Juicing claimed to be a great weight loss aid and another way to get your nutrients. Sadly juice is just another sugar laden culprit. Juice is all the sugars from fruit, minus the fibre content, which helps slow digestion. This lack of fibre causes large spikes in blood sugar, which in itself can lead to cravings and feelings of hunger when your blood sugar drops. If you are looking for something to drink, grab a water instead. Who really wants to be drinking their calories anyway? Eating it is much more satisfying. Also if you must have a juice, cut it with water to lower the sugar content or choose one that is mainly vegetable based. It may not be as tasty, but it certainly will be healthier.

4. Low fat or low calories salad dressing – Most salad dressings advertised as low fat or low calorie, are pumped full of sugar and other chemicals to replace the flavour from the missing fat or calories. These are often worse for your health than opting for the less processed version. Check out our post, for some quick and easy salad dressing recipes you can make yourself.raisin-1325302-1279x852
5. Dried fruit – These dried little morsels are often viewed as healthy. We add them to everything from salads, to cookies, to homemade granola bars. They are fruit so why shouldn’t they be good for us? The problem is that they are calorie and sugar dense. Some dried fruits even have sugar added to them, so it is important to check the packaging. A box of raisins can provide just as much sugar as a candy bar! Shocking right! Try your best to stay away from dried fruit and if you do have it, limit your quantity. We know you may not like your salad, but their is no point in eating it if your just dumping large amounts of dried cranberries on it anyway.

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