10 x 10 Full Body Workout for Weight Loss


With 10 different exercises, this full body workout ensures that you hit all the different muscle groups to help tighten and tone!

Dumbbells 2 – 20lbs (depends on fitness level)

Perform 10 reps of each exercise. At the end of the circuit take a 30 second break and repeat. Continue until 3 full circuits have been completed. The amount of weight used will depend on fitness level. Remember to use a weight that is challenging. You should be feeling a burn by the 7th or 8th rep. If not increase your weight. If you can’t finish all of your reps consider going down in weight.

10 Rep Arnold Press (5-15lb Dumbbells)
10 Rep Plank Ups
10 Rep Sumo Squat with Bicep Curls (5-15lb Dumbbells)
10 Rep Single Leg Deadlift (5-25lbs)
10 Rep Plank Jacks
10 Rep Bent Over Row (5 – 20lb Dumbbells)
10 Rep Pendulum Lunge with Hammer Curl (5 -10lb Dumbbells)
10 Rep Side Laterals (2 – 10lbs)
10 Rep Dumbbell Crossover Punch (2-10lb Dumbbells)
10 Rep Tricep Plank Extension (8-15lb Dumbbells)

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