Toddler Rules – 30 Ways Toddlers Make Life Difficult


We all love our kids, but at times they do things that drive us crazy! Here are a few things that all toddlers must do (or so it seems), it’s part of their rules! And of course, these are all in fun, but some certainly ring true!

  1. Once your parents sit down to relax, cry and demand they get you something
  2. When your parents decide to stay up late, wake up early or better yet get up in the middle of the night and cry
  3. When someone is on the phone, make as much noise as possible
  4. If your parents are in a rush, be as slow as you can be
  5. When your parents try getting you ready, run away and make them change you
  6. Once mom cleans up the toys, throw them all over the room
  7. When someone is talking to you, ignore them
  8. When you get in trouble, use your puppy dog face. The trouble won’t last long
  9. When you get a present, enjoy the wrapping or box, more than the gift itself
  10. If you don’t like your supper, throw it all over the floor
  11. If your parents have their arms full, flail on the ground and refuse to get up or walk
  12. Climb on everything and anything
  13. When your parents tell someone that you learned something new, don’t do it for them
  14. If you love a certain food one day, refuse to eat it the next
  15. Anytime you can, take your diaper off
  16. If a hat is placed on your head, throw it off
  17. Beg for a toy at the store and when you get home stop playing with it within 5 minutes and never touch it again
  18. If you leave the house and mom forgets to bring extra diapers, be sure to soil yours
  19. Don’t ever look at the camera when someone tries to take your picture
  20. If your parents ever, touch, hug or give each other a kiss, cry or try to get between them
  21. When someone is in the bathroom, knock on the door, cry and try to get their attention
  22. Anytime your parent leaves the room, follow them.
  23. When mom gets dressed up to leave the house, be sure to vomit, spit up or wipe something on her clothes.
  24. When you see glasses, earrings, necklaces or long hair, pull on it.
  25. When your parents are tired, refuse to go for a nap.
  26. Act perfect around strangers and extended family
  27. If your parents have to be at work for something important, be sure to get sick or refuse to sleep the night before
  28. When your parents want to play with you ignore them.
  29. If you don’t get your way, have a meltdown.
  30. Be too cute for anyone to ever believe you could do anything wrong.


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15 thoughts on “Toddler Rules – 30 Ways Toddlers Make Life Difficult

  1. Haha this is a really funny post! My sister, nieces and nephews have all done these things over and over! My favourite has to be where the toddler has learnt something new, but refuses to do it when the parents excitedly tell them to demonstrate 😂 xxx #TheList


    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! Kids sure make life interesting! It is a good thing they are so darn cute! Who else would we put up with this behaviour from! Haha Glad you had laugh!


  2. Haha when someone is talking to you, ignore them! Love this! I can’t really relate to all of these yet as the little one is still only 4 months old but I’m sure this is a preview of what’s to come. : ) Thanks so much for linking with #StayClassy

    Liked by 1 person

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