Bringing Home Baby – 5 Tips on How to be Prepared


For first time and even seasoned Mom’s, the prospect of bringing home a new baby can be daunting. We are well aware that there will be sleepless nights, crying babies and household chores, like laundry and dishes. In order to ensure as seamless of a transition as possible, here are a few tips that might make life a little easier when the time to bring baby home arrives.


  1. Have the Car Seat Installed – Sounds simple right? Many people leave this step until they have to actually pick up baby and bring them home. It is a good idea however to install the car seat beforehand so that you can make sure it is installed properly and to practice how it works. Make sure that you know how to adjust the straps and use the buckles, as once you take your little one home, this will be done more times than you can count.communicate-3-1241939
  2. Enlist Some Help – Make sure that you know who is willing to help you out and how they are willing to help. If you have other children, see who might be willing to watch them (perhaps while you nap with baby) or take them to school/daycare. Having this figured out, even for the first week or so, after baby comes home, may help to relieve some stress. If this is your first child, perhaps find people who may be willing to watch baby while you nap, or help make formula, clean bottles, do laundry or even bring over some meals. You may feel that you will be able to handle everything on your own, but if people are willing to help, keep the offer open. Things can get very hectic, very quick, when you add a new little one to the equation.pack-of-diapers-1419591-1279x432
  3. Stock up – Make sure that you have everything that you need for when baby arrives. Keep extras of all the necessities like diapers, formula (if using), clothing, etc. Even for yourself and your family, make sure that you have some frozen meals or things that can be prepared quickly. For yourself, you may not have a whole lot of “free time” to do things like sit down to eat, so ensure you have things that you can quickly grab with baby in your arms.suitcase-1557217-1278x958
  4. Pack your bag – Make sure that your hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Ensure you have clothing for baby, a comfy outfit for yourself as well as toiletries and a “going home” outfit.summer-time-in-hervey-bay-1382605
  5. Enjoy yourself – Although your mind may be running a million miles a minute, trying to think of everything you need to get done, try and relax. Take a getaway with your significant other, enjoy going out for dinner, sleep in, read a book, take a long bath, do all the things that you love, because once baby arrives, you will be too busy worrying about your little one and their needs, to worry about yours.

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