4 Ways to Survive Being a Working Mom


Being a mom is tough on a good day. Being a working mom can spread you really thin, since your time within the household is limited. Many moms who work outside the house, still have many household duties, which can leave them feeling like they never get any down time. Here are 4 ways that might make life a bit easier for those moms with responsibilities to both home and work.


  1. Get a Crock-Pot – Working and getting supper on the table can be tricky. When you make things, try and make large batches and freeze it, so it can be quickly heated and served on work nights, or use a crock-pot. A crock-pot allows supper to be warm and ready when you walk in the door, with just a little preparation before hand. Find some crock-pot recipes that the whole family can love. It will change your life and cut out lots of time lost to cooking.hard-choice-1-1444409-1280x1280
  2. Remember the Work – Life Balance – Don’t get so caught up at work that you forget the importance of having a life and enjoying your family. Yes work is important, it pays the bills and can be a source of great satisfaction for some, but remember that your family is important. Your kids will only be young once, you will have lots of time to drown yourself in work when they get older and don’t want to be seen with you anyway. If your job is placing too many demands on you talk to your boss, or think about scaling back a bit. Sometimes a little less pay may be worth your sanity.gloves-1510056-1280x960
  3. You Don’t Need to be Perfect – Remember that you can’t be perfect at everything all the time. With kids around it is difficult to be on top of chores, work, your household and everything else that gets thrown your way. Accept that some days laundry may not get done, that the bathroom cannot always be immaculate and that you might need to miss work when the kids are sick. You aren’t a robot; you can’t work around the clock, or on little to no sleep. Give yourself some slack and things will get done, when they need to be done. Just don’t put too high of expectations on yourself. Your kids will appreciate your company more than a pristine kitchen.image
  4. Get the Kids to Help – Don’t do everything yourself. Remember that your significant other and your kids can be helping. Make chore charts for your kids. Even little things can go a long way. As moms we often take on too much. Give up some of the control and don’t get mad if things aren’t done “right”. Just be happy that things are getting accomplished. Don’t write off your young children, even toddlers and preschoolers can be helping out around the house.


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