8 Fun & Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Are your kids excited for the arrival of the Easter Bunny? Are you looking for some ways to make your Easter Egg Hunt extra special this year? Here are a few ideas and ways to change things up and make your child’s Easter one to be remembered!


  1. Pirate Treasure Hunt – Make up a pirate style map, showing kids where to look for the goodies. They will have fun using the map and trying to figure out where to go.
  2. Rhyming Clues – Give your kids a list of clues to help them find the hiding spots the Easter Bunny used. They will have a great time reading the clues and it will help them practice their rhyming skills.easter-chicken-with-chocolate-egg-1-1402581
  3. Kid Colors – If you are doing a hunt with multiple kids, give each kid a certain colour of eggs to find. This will ensure that everyone gets an equal amount of eggs and add a whole new element to the finding process. They can’t just taken everything they find!
  4. Hidden Message – Place letters on each egg that you hide. Have your children use the letters to find the hidden message from the Easter Bunny.bunny-rabbits-1407520-1279x1919
  5. Bunny Prints – Leave bunny foot prints where ever eggs or Easter gifts are left. Kids will be so excited to find traces of the Easter Bunny’s existence.
  6. Pinata – Make or purchase a piñata and fill it with treats – both food and non-food ideas are great. Have each kid take a swing at the piñata when they find a certain colour egg.egg-pile-1195903-1279x852
  7. Bunny Money – Place fake money in eggs and hide them. Have a bunch of prizes that they can “buy” with their Bunny Money. Give the different items, different prices and have them pick their own special surprise. This will help teach them the concept of money and how it works. To ensure each kid gets the same amount of money use the coloured egg idea above.
  8. Checklist – Give kids a checklist of things that they need to find. This will ensure that each kid gets an equal amount of goodies and that no egg is left behind.golden-egg-1419538-1279x850
  9. Golden Egg – Give each different colour of egg different types of prizes that they can be traded in for. Have kids search for the elusive golden egg for a surprise treat from the Easter bunny.


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