Candy Free Easter Ideas

easter-goodies-no-1-1528629When the Easter bunny rolls around, our house gets filled with more chocolate than we can handle. Between the gifts we get our children and those given to them, we are on maximum candy overload. If you have children, you might benefit from less chocolate and candy laden easter baskets this year, here are some ideas of other things to fill them with. Remember you can stick some of this stuff in those plastic eggs and hid them around the house instead of those chocolate eggs!


Bouncy Balls
Temporary Tattoos
Hair clips/ties
Jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces)
Building blocks (Lego, Mega Blocks, Duplo)
Sand Toys
Play dough
Colouring books
Sun glasses
Bunny Ears
Hot Wheels Cars
Stuffed Animal
Water Toys
Bath Toys
Beach Towel

The possibilities are endless! It really just depends what your budget is and how creative you want to get. We like anything for spring and summer. Any sorts of outdoor toys will be a hit! Try some of the things on our list and hopefully the kids won’t miss the chocolate too much!






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