30 Things Pregnant Women Don’t Want to Hear


Pregnancy is supposed to be a wonderful time in your life. For that reason, everyone likes to share in your joys! Once you announce your pregnancy you will be bombarded with questions and comments. For those who are already moms and those expecting, here is a list of all those things that you just hate to hear!  We hope you relate and even get a bit of a laugh!

1. “Oh you picked that name?”
2. “You’ve gotten huge!!!”
3. “You haven’t had the baby yet?”
4. “You look like you could pop anyway now!”
5. Any child birth story anyone is willing to tell
6. “Your still working?”
7. “Should you be doing that since you’r pregnant?”
8. “Do you have morning sickness? I never had any!”
9. “I barely gained weight during my pregnancy.”
10. “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?”
11. “What name did you pick?”
12. “You better get sleep while you can!”
13. “Enjoy your freedom while it lasts!”
14. “Maybe you are just hormonal? You are pregnant.”
15. “Are you nesting?”
16. “Your planning on breast feeding right?”
17. “You must be eating for two!”
18. “Can I touch your belly?”
19. “Was it planned?”
20.”Do you know what your having?”
21. “I think your having a…..”
22. “Are you going back to work after the baby?”
23. “Are you having any cravings? Life for pickles and ice cream
24. “You’re hoping for a ……..”
25. “Do you plan on having more?
26. “Are you nervous?”
27. “I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital.”
28. “You should name the baby…..”
29. “Did you know so and so is pregnant? She’s so tiny, you can barely tell she is pregnant.”
30. “Your going to have your hands full!”

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13 thoughts on “30 Things Pregnant Women Don’t Want to Hear

  1. Yes!! I think I heard all of these while I was pregnant, and all are really annoying!!!! Especially being told you look like you’re having twins (a friend of mine shouted a cross a car park to me ‘there absolutely has to be 2 in there??’) and another friend said to me ‘have you seen Zoe? She’s tiiiiiiiiiny-isn’t she due the same time as you??’ And even my own mother informed me that she’d left hospital both times in pre pregnancy trousers…!!!!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!


  2. Yes, yes and YES. Pretty much all of them were said to me BLAH. I especially did not like “you’re still working?” and “you’re planning to breastfeed right?” Why do people all of a sudden a woman becomes pregnant feel like they should be giving me advice on my own body and lifestyle choices? What makes it okay for them to say this? They wouldn’t suggest that I pee a certain way, would they! haha Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!


  3. There are times I’m glad I don’t have that close of a relationship with my mother. She was only around to help after the babies came as she lives in another state. These are all so funny though. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in commenting as I’ve been busy with “real” life and the blog has suffered. Do hope you will join again this Thursday-Sun!


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