How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party – 8 Tips for Success


Planning a birthday party for your little one can be costly and exhausting. There are so many things to consider. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your child’s party is a success.

  1. Invitations – Be sure to hand out your invitations early. Two weeks is a good amount of warning. Sometimes people need time to ensure that they can add it into their schedule. Getting an invitation a few days before feels rushed and leaves no time for purchasing gifts.
  2. RSVP – Be sure to request an RSVP from those you have invited. This will give you a good idea of how many kids are coming, or if you need to plan another date. We have all heard of birthdays where only one child shows up. This can help you to avoid those sorts of situations! Also make it easy for people to RSVP. Give them a phone number, email or even a place to text you.
  3. Time Frame – Don’t make the party too long, especially for younger children. Kids can get board easily, and a party that lingers too long is a recipe for disaster. We suggest a 2 hour birthday party, just enough time to play, eat some cake and open presents. Remember some parents will always pick their kids up late so schedule the ending 30 min before you actually need everyone gone.
  4. Instructions – If you are planning a party for a young child, ensure parents know if they need to stay or not. If you are doing a certain activity, like swimming, bouncy castles, bowling, etc let parents know what their child may need to bring with them. Leaving unanswered questions or making things too difficult may cause people to reject the invite or be a no show.
  5. Keep it Simple – Try and keep it simple. Plan things that kids will enjoy, but don’t make it so complicated that you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Also enlist some help from friends, family and even older siblings. This will make it much easier, especially if you have lots of people attending.
  6. Space – Remember that depending on your venue, things can get crowded quickly. If you plan on having kids and parents your numbers can quickly double. Ensure that you have enough room for everyone.
  7. Adult Friendly – if you are requiring parents to stay, ensure that you have some adult friendly food and drinks on hand. Be a good hostess, introduce yourself and  introduce parents to one another. If parents feel awkward, the party could end much more quickly than anticipated.
  8. Numbers – Don’t invite too many people. Yes, you may be scared that no one will show up, but you also don’t want too many people. A large get together can be great, but having 15 -20 kids running around may spell disaster. Try and keep the group manageable. This will depend on age. As your child gets older and more independent, having larger numbers will be more manageable.

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