5 Essential Items for Weight Loss


If you are looking to lose weight here are a few items that will help you along your journey.

IMG_20150111_224048790 (1)

1. Food scale -This item is essential for weight loss. We over consume too many calories when we are not measuring our food. Using a food scale will stop you from eyeballing portions, which can result in the consumption of hundreds of extra calories.DSCN5220
2. Measuring tape – When trying to lose weight taking body measurements is essential. There may be weeks when the scale doesn’t move much but your waistline does. Remember the scale is just one part of the picture. Seeing a decrease in inches is what we are all after though. It feels great to see the progress and how much your body is changing but it is another thing to see it in paper in numbers. Measuring yourself can be a motivational tool and help you keep going.dumbbells-1412479-1280x960
3. Dumbbells – strength training is key to weight loss. If you are only doing cardio, you are missing out on building muscle mass. Muscle mass is key to permanent weight loss, as the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism becomes, meaning you burn more calories without even exercising. If you are stuck doing cardio for the calorie burn, try incorporating some strength training as well. It will only aid you in obtaining your weight loss goals.file0001584915143
4. Will power – this one can be tough, but it is essential that you stuck to your plan. When you are on a diet or trying to lose weight it is easy to be tempted by sweets and junk food. Try to keep these things out of the house. If offered something while out of the house, don’t get pressured into eating. Just because you are at dinner with friends and everyone is having dessert doesn’t mean you have to as well.IMG_2341
5. Food Journal – studies have shown that those who write down what they eat daily, lose more weight than those who don’t. Their are many ways to do this, both digitally or using old fashioned pen and paper. Which ever way you choose, journaling keeps you aware of just how much you are consuming and may make you think twice next time you reach for a snack.

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