You Know You’re a Mom When… – 21 Ways to Spot a Mom


Being a mom makes you a jack of all trades. As your kids grow up you quickly take on new tasks and must learn how to troubleshoot problems and help everyone around. You become super efficient machines, who know just what to do and when to do it. We love being moms! Here are some funny, yet truthful ways, to know your a mom! Any mom should be able to relate to these!

You know you’re a mom when…

  1. You have “the stare” down and use it daily
  2. You constantly have a theme song for a kid’s song going through your head
  3. Your purse has more diapers in it than money
  4. You consider waking up at 8am “sleeping in”
  5. You can install a car seat in two minutes or less, anytime, anywhere
  6. You have an urge to yell at misbehaving kids in public
  7. You don’t cringe when faced with vomit or poop
  8. You don’t set an alarm clock, you use your kids
  9. You don’t wear large earrings or necklaces for fear of having them pulled on by little hands
  10. You can cook supper, watch the kids, empty the dishwasher and talk on the phone all at the same time
  11. You like LOVE anything with caffeine
  12. You know that when kids are quiet you should be worried about the trouble they are getting into
  13. You NEVER have enough sleep
  14. You spend more money on toys than clothes
  15. Your holidays are spent with family rather than on the beach or travelling through Europe
  16. Getting groceries is an outing
  17. You are asleep by 9:30pm
  18. You have been peed on, pooped on and vomited on, sometimes all in the same day
  19. Everyone always gives you their garbage
  20. Your PVR is filled with kids shows
  21. You have heart fuller than you could ever have imagined!


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12 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mom When… – 21 Ways to Spot a Mom

  1. this is GREAT!! I LOVE all things caffeinated and groceries is like my outing of the week, go me!
    It’s also sad but ungrossed out I now am at bodily fluids from my little people… except blood, that throws me into a freaking panic!

    Simply Shaunacey


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