Leg Day 30 Minute Workout – Killer Legs


We put together a KILLER leg workout for you, as if you didn’t already love hate leg day enough, right? This workout includes some cardio moves, that focus on your legs well, getting that heart rate blasting to try and burn some extra calories and fat. This workout will get your heart is pumping and your legs begging you for mercy. Just think how great your gams will look when short season arrives!

What you need?


Dumbbells – Weight depends per exercise. You should always use heavy weights that feel difficult BUT that you are still able to complete the full set.



How to do it?
Perform each exercise in the circuit, taking little to no break in between exercises. Complete two full round of the exercise for a 30 min workout and 3 rounds for a 45 min workout!

30 Rep Skaters
10 Rep Split Squat
10 Rep Walking Lunge (per leg)
10 Rep Curtsy Lunge
10 Rep Side Lunge
10 Rep Jump Squat
10 Rep Wood Chop
10 Rep Single Leg Hip Raise (per leg)
10 Rep Calve Raise
30 Rep Mountain Climber (per leg)
10 Rep Stiff Leg Dead Lift
10 Rep Single Leg Deadlift
10 Rep Goblet Squat
30 Rep High Knees (per leg)

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