30 Things Parents with Toddlers Say Everyday


When you have a toddler at home you are bound to feel like you repeat yourself a million times a day. Here are some of the things parents of toddlers say every single day!

1. Don’t put that in your mouth
2. Sit down please
3. Are you listening?
4. What are you doing?
5. Do you have to go to the potty?
6. Use your words
7. We have to share
8. Are you tired?
9. No hitting
10. Be careful
11. Don’t touch that please
12. Because I said so
13. What did you say?
14. Don’t slam your door
15. Are you hungry?
16. Time for bed
17. Listen to me
18. Good job!
19. I’m so proud of you!
20. Let’s clean up
21. Don’t throw that
22. Be kind to your sibling
23. I love you
24. No running please
25. Hold my hand
26. Did you wash your hands?
27. Just a minute
28. Shhhhhhh
29. Don’t stick your fingers in there
30. Ask your dad

What do you say to your kids?

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6 thoughts on “30 Things Parents with Toddlers Say Everyday

  1. Love it! So true.
    I would add:
    – stop waving that golf club around (obviously plastic in case you’re worrying about my parenting!)
    – don’t hit/kick/poke/sit on the cat
    I agree with ‘Not Just Phoebe’ – I feel like a broken record and get sick of my own voice everyday!
    You’ve gotta love toddlers :0)


  2. I am ashamed to admit I’ve had to say this to Little Miss OMG more than once.
    Stop eating the dog food!

    Its been so long since I had a toddler around that I’m used to putting the food into the dogs bowl and leaving it on the floor all day.

    More than once she has been found sucking on a dry dog nutt.

    I’ve also repeated every single one of those on your list many many times each day.



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