How to be a Better Mom – 25 Things you Could do Today

Do you feel like you are in a parenting rut? Are you constantly stuck in a cycle of negativity, yelling at your children and then feeling guilty for your actions? Do you feel like your children need more from you? All moms have doubts and worries about their parenting skills. Most of us are constantly looking for ways to improve, hence the reason you are reading this post. We have compiled a list of 25 things you can do today with your children to be a better mom…
1. Laugh with your kids 

2. Do something good for someone else and explain the importance of giving and caring to your children

3. Enjoy a delicious meal together

4. Tell your child when they do something that makes you proud

5. Turn off the television

6. Give your child a hug and kiss

7. Give your child some special one on one time

8. Put down your cell phone

9. Read some books together

10. Ask your child to tell you their favourites (colour, food, animal, number, holiday, season, toy, etc)

11. Brag to someone about the great things your child did

12. Be firm but fair when using discipline with your children. Discipline does not mean punishment. 

13. Take care of yourself. The less stressed you are, the better a parent you will be.

14. If you have to talk about something negative your child did, do it when they are not around and cannot hear you

15. Encourage your child to try something new. Congratulate them when they succeed and comfort them and cheer them on when they face adversity. 

16. Do something silly, like dress in costume, make funny faces, play pretend or have a dance party

17. Be polite, treat them like you would a strangers child

18. Get active together, go out side, for a run, walk or bike ride.

19. Tell your child all the special ways that they add to your family

20. Be less serious. Find the humour in what is going on and remember that one day you may look back and laugh

21. Be mindful

22. Aim to make great memories. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just good, fun, quality time

23. Take an interest in something your child loves. Get them to tell you about it and share in their excitement. 

24. Tell them you love them. Never withhold affection or love. 

25. Forget about having a perfect house. Don’t let your passion for perfection get in the way of your child having fun or you being able to spend quality time with them. 

7 thoughts on “How to be a Better Mom – 25 Things you Could do Today

  1. oh this is fabulous and links beautifully to my post on “If I could go back for a day” and all the things I would do differently – mine are teens now and I talk about wanting to go back and spend one day with them as toddlers – if I could I would do all of the above – it’s what we know we should do as parents and strive to do but still we don’t make time for it – life takes over to it’s detriment really. Thank you for sharing #Stayclassy


  2. Excellent advice, I especially like Turn off the TV, Encourage your child to try something new, and Be Mindful. I’m really trying to Be Mindful on most days, although it can be tough, I think this is the true path to happiness. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!


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