15 Reasons to Start Running


There are many different forms of cardio out there. Some people love the elliptical, others enjoy bike riding, rowing, or walking. For many running seems like torture. Running can be intimidating to someone who has not done it. However running has many pros. If you are wondering about trying this new form of cardio, here is a list of great things about it…

  1. No need to buy a gym membership. Throw on your gym clothes and runners and hit the road.
  2. Fast way to burn calories. Yes you can burn calories many other ways, but you won’t burn them as quickly. The calories burnt in 30 minutes or running is pretty close to equal the calories burnt in an hour of walking. If time is short it can be a great way to get more caloric bang for your buck.
  3. Gets your heart pumping. Has great cardio vascular effects.
  4. It can be different every day. You can alternate your workouts by running different terrain (hills, trails, pavement, sand), different speeds, changing the tempo or different distances.
  5. A great way to explore a new place. Can be a great way to get out in a new city or locale. Throw on your running shoes and find a pretty place to run. There is always something new to see.  
  6. Can be done anywhere. No excuse to miss your workout because your hotel or accommodations don’t have a gym. Plus the equipment you need is minimal, meaning not a whole lot to pack to get your workout done.
  7. Runners High. That wonderful rush of endorphins that flood your brain after a run can leave you feeling on top of the world.
  8. Test your limits. It will make you push. It isn’t easy and if you stay focused it will push you. On days when you think you can’t make that 5k, you will surprise yourself with the will to keep on going. You can constantly push yourself to see what you are capable of.
  9. Weight loss and weight management. Can be a great form of exercise for weight loss and weight management. You can do as much or as little as you want and tailor it to meet your goals.
  10. A great way to get some music listening in. Creating a playlist filled with your favourite tunes can be a great motivator. Looking forward to listening to that music and using it to help push you through those difficult workouts can be great.
  11. Great de-stressor – Feeling stressed out? Need to get rid of some of that pent up anger? Go for a run. You are bound to feel better afterward.
  12. It is fun. You can start doing all those colour runs and fun runs. Some people take running serious and others are a bit more light hearted about it.
  13. Bring out your competitive spirit. If you love competition, sign up for a run. See where you place in your age category. It will give you a goal to work towards and add some spark. When you know you need to compete against others you are sure to prepare.
  14. Can be done with your kids. No need to get a babysitter so that you can hit the gym. You can either take your kids with you in a jogging strolled or have them ride their bikes or even run beside you (depending on their age).
  15. Improve your mood. Exercise of any kind can be a great way to improve your mental health. Running can help all the same.

At the end of day running can be wonderful. There is nothing greater to me than enjoying the fresh air, hitting the pavement and seeing how long I can last. Somedays  can be painful and tough, pushing myself through side-stitches and a lack of motivation. Other times can be wonderful, running comes at ease, feeling like I could keep going forever. At the end of the day, I love running but I also mix it up with strength training and HIIT as well. The best exercise for anyone is the exercise that they love to do. It will only ensure that it won’t be a quickly forgotten fade and help you maintain that lifelong pursuit of health, wellness and fitness.

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