How to Build a Strong Relationship with your Child

imageEvery parent wants to have a great relationship with their child. At times, the parent child relationship can be turbulent. For parents, it can be difficult to balance between being a parent and being a friend. In order to try and make relationship building easy, we have put together a list of things parents should be doing…

1. Sharing meal time together. This will help build in time during the day where you can sit down with your child and connect as a family. Use it as a time to talk, ask questions and laugh together.
2. Having one on one time once a day, even if it is short. Even taking just 10 minutes per day where you give your child your undivided attention will be huge to them. It shows to your child that they are important to you and that you care deeply about them. Try reading, playing a game or even watching a special show.
3. Showing affection, hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Everyone craves human affection and your child is no different. Show them that you love them, approve of them and
4. Helping your children with problems when they come to you. Don’t judge or dismiss them. Give them a helping hand or some advice to make their way out of their troubles successfully. They will love knowing that when they need you, you’ll be there.
5. Be encouraging. You are their biggest cheerleader and your child will appreciate it.
6. Saying “I Love You”. This should be simple but some parents struggle with showing affection or have children who dismiss them when they do. Keep telling them how you feel. Your words can make them feel important, cared for and give them some confidence.
7. Taking a genuine interest in something your child loves. This doesn’t always prove to be simple. We must try and care about their interests even when we don’t care for them ourselves. Your child will appreciate that you love hearing about what excites them.
8. Act non-judgemental even when you so badly want to make a judgement. As parents we are always thinking what our kids should and shouldn’t be doing. We do this to ensure they head down the right paths in life, know right from wrong and develop a strong system of values. We must keep in mind that things aren’t always black and white. The things that are right for us may not be right for our kids. Before judging what they have done, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if the roles were reversed. Save your judgements for when they really matter like when safety or health are an issue.
9. Be a listener. Hear what they have to say and don’t belittle them or try to fix everything. Sometimes kids just need a shoulder to lean on. Being someone that they can talk to about the small things, will make them that much more likely to talk to you about the big things.
10. Have fun together every chance you can. If you want to build a strong relationship, you and your child should genuinely enjoy your time together. If their is constant judging, yelling or criticism, kids won’t enjoy themselves and won’t want to spend time with you. Not every minute needs to be fun either, kids need rules and discipline too, but strive to make the majority of your interactions positive.
11. Be consistent and fair in your actions. When you need to be the “bad guy” make sure you do so in a consistent and fair way. Kids hate feeling like one sibling is treated differently or like the punishment did not fit the crime. If you treat your child with respect and don’t shame or embarrass them for their actions, they will respect you for it.

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5 thoughts on “How to Build a Strong Relationship with your Child

  1. This is an amazing list. I must make more time for us to eat together, I usually use it as an oportunity to have a clean up #stayclassy


  2. Aw what a wonderful list. Completely agree with all points, but in particular, I think “having one on one time once a day, even if it is short” and “having fun with your children” are my top priority. My son is still young, but those few minutes of undivided attention not only make him happier but I am happier, and more at peace with myself. We need to get off the computer and live in the REAL world. : ) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!


  3. We are always very affectionate with our son with kisses and cuddles and I must tell him ten times a day that I love him (and I work full time so I don’t see him much in the day so I know that’s madness lol). But he is soo loving to everyone important in his life, always giving cuddles and full of empathy and concern for people and other children. So I know that affection is really vital to building relationships for him and that he is such a sweetheart because of it #stayclassy


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